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  1. minayuri 5wk 5d ago


  2. minayuri 11wk 6d ago

    Thanks very much for all the faves you've made to my scans!

  3. shirayuki-san 13wk 3d ago

    Thanks for ur favs!

  4. Hakaru Retired Moderator 15wk 5d ago

    Thanks for the favs.

  5. Blue-Crescent 16wk 0d ago

    Thank you very much for the faves for the InuYasha scans!

  6. shirayuki-san 21wk 5d ago

    Thanks for the favs!

  7. Vivi-Nefertari 25wk 6d ago

    Thank you for the fav on my "White Flower" wallpaper!

  8. minya1995 26wk 4d ago

    Thanks for the favs))

  9. moritz 34wk 1d ago

    Quote by marystewart why are pics like this tagged 'waifu'? they're kids!

    why no 'loli' tag?

    Why not. So, ask the mods. Formerly, tags were Female or Male.

  10. minayuri 36wk 5d ago


  11. elisadevelon Retired Moderator 40wk 0d ago

    Thank you for all the favs! :)

  12. shirayuki-san 41wk 3d ago

    Thanks for the favs!

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